Frequently Asked Questions:

What items do you have available for immediate shipping?Big Buddha bags are known to sell right off the shelf, that’s why we pride ourselves in having our top selling styles in stock.
We know you want the bags in your boutique as quickly as possible. Great news, we generally ship immediate orders within 2 – 3 days!!
To find out what immediate styles we have in stock, call or email:
      212-857-9580 EXT 7
 [email protected]What is a ship window or cancel date?Every order has a ship window with a start date and a cancel date. The ship window is generally a one month window when the bags will ship. We provide our customers with a ship window and cancel date for every order so you know when to expect the merchandise.I have a damaged bag, what do I do?We are proud to provide our customers with quality bags. If you receive a bag that is damaged or defective, please contact us and we will promptly issue you a credit or replace the damaged bag.

In order to get a replacement bag or a credit, we ask that you please submit an RA (Return Authorization) Request. We require all requests to be in writing. You can either email to [email protected] or fax to 212-643-7524. Please be sure to provide the following information:

Store Name:




Description of Damage:

For more information on our Return Policy, please check out our our Big Buddha Policies PDF page.How can I get set up on Net 30?We hope that all of our customers will consider Net 30 terms. We are now factored under Rosenthal and Rosenthal. Please complete our Big Buddha Credit application below and fax it to the number provided in the application.Can you ship COD?At this time, we can no longer offer COD. If paying by check if your preferred method of payment, we strongly recommend applying for Net 30 terms. We do offer wire transfers, however this method does delay the shipping time.I got an invoice in the mail, but I’m a credit card customer. What should I do?The invoice you receive in the mail is a copy of the shipped merchandise. We provide you with this invoice as a copy for your records.I got a packing slip in the box, but I did not receive everything on the list. What does this mean?The sheet you receive in the shipment is a copy of your complete order. The items that are missing in the shipment have been placed on backorder. We will ship out the remaining merchandise as soon as it arrives in our warehouse.How do you ship? How much will shipping be?All orders are shipped UPS ground, unless requested by you, the customer. Other methods such as FED-EX, DHL, and UPS ground collect are available if you provide your shipping account number. The shipping charge is determined by weight and dimension of the box. We do not tack on any extra charges.What is the mark up on the bags?Our suggestion is 2.5 the wholesale price. However, you are more than welcome to adjust the price to better fit your needs.